Office refurbishment in La Coruña. Spain


The commission consisted on the refurbishment of an office space, maintaining the existing internal distribution, just modifying the arrangement of furniture and finishes.

The proposal organises the space in two zones: A public area next to the entrance with the most social environment and a more private working place far from the access. Apart from the existing partitions the rest of the space has an open-plan layout, and the division between different areas is indicated by the uses of material finishes and furniture, creating a flexible space and maximising the use of each zone.The entrance area is divided in a reception space, immediately next to the entrance and the canteen. Both spaces can be used in a dual way; the reception is not only the place to welcome visitors but also where employees can take a break, rest in the sofas, read a magazine or have a coffee. The canteen can be used as an informal meeting room as well.

The material palette proposed combines existing and new elements to improve the material combination of the space while minimizing costs. The main limitation of the existing space is the lack of daylight, magnified by the extended used of timber-like finishes and furniture. The new materials are chosen to create a brighter atmosphere, walls and interior partitions are painted in white as well as all the existing fixed furniture. The perimeter, currently used as storage is transformed into a continuous showcase, enclosing the current selves to help organising and using the top as a multipurpose surface to exhibit magazines, books, plants,… This datum runs along the perimeter of the room and is transformed in a worktop when meeting the canteen. The kitchen space is separated from the rest by using tiles as a floor finish, treating the material as a folded rug the same tiles are placed in the wall to relate both surfaces and create a casual atmosphere.



project info:
client: Enxendra Technologies
status: In progress
area: 91.13 sqm
budget: Confidential