Burgos Youth (SP)

Competition. 2009

The proposal is the result of searching for formal simplicity. A volume cut off from their surrounding buildings and slightly raised from the roof surface.

The program aims to revitalize the activity in the adjoining square, which becomes part of the building and their activities.

The main access is located at grade level, where a cut out in the facade invites the public to enter. This wide open view contrasts with the adjacent facade, completely closed in the first level and only connected with the exterior through a framed window. The square surface is folded to improve the relationship between interior and exterior program, providing illumination to the covered space.

The secondary entrance is located at +1.9m, where the program is arranged as a continuous route with variable section and visual relation with the exterior environment. Instead of offering a wide open facade to the cathedral the project explores the potential of visual connection trough indirect elements.

The public square is kept at its original level but the height difference is solved by introducing a key element: Stands. This offers the possibility to host multiple open-air events by exploring the possible relationship between both levels.


project info:

project: Burgos Youth Centre

type: Competition

client: Burgos City Hall

location: Burgos. Spain

surface : 497 m

program : Youth centre (offices – classrooms – polivalent space – exhibition space)


  • Monica Perez Zorilla
  • Mauricio Gonzalez
  • Ignacio Velasco Martin