Voynich Cafe. Spain

Voynich Cafe. Burgos, Spain

The characteristics of this Coffee shop, linked to ”The Book Museum” led us to design a proposal with certain notoriety and distinction.

This first option approaches the design from its relation with the Voynich Manuscript (an illustrated codex hand-written in an unknown writing system from 1666), proposing a palette of materials with warm and dark tones, wooden and antique atmosphere.

Based on an existing distribution the project uses internal finishes and furniture to enhance and optimize space. The attention is driven to the bar counter and its back wall, while the public area is organized along the perimeter.
A continues datum topped with a counter and a series of stools serves as seating and standing zone, distributing public throughout the local. Architecture and finishes are functioning also as furniture, reducing the amount of elements in a limited space.

project info:

commission: Voynich café. Interior design

status: Built

client: Private

site: Burgos, Spain

building area: 35.6 sqm