Shift Boston (USA)

International competition. 2009. Shortlisted

Boston has almost the same amount of land as water; the project increases the chances to create activities for the city with the port colonization, giving a new value to the waterfront.

The proposal uses the water as a new area of exploration and movement. A floating structure invades the water space and introduce as much activity as possible. The structure tends to be simple while changeable and able to rearrange itself depending on the required program.

The basic unit is designed as an extruded triangle capable to modify its angles and aperture to host different programs. The resulting volume can be a close pyramid, a flat surface or inclined landscape, offering a wide range of situations both as a simple unit and as a group of components.

The different elements can be grouped and combined in multiple arrangements responding to the program required. Depending on the site chosen the composition of modules and programs would be completely different. This variable character system permits the performance of many combinations being able to respond to different programs in a short period of time, hosting any temporary event that may take place in the city.


project info:


project : 20.000 Leagues under Boston

type : competition

status: shortisted

location: Boston. USA

surface : 107 km

program : Sports facilities, swimming pool, open-air cinema, performance space, event space, exhibitions, cafe