Ylivieskan Church (FN)

Design competition on the Ylivieskan Church and surrounding area

Concurso de diseño de la Iglesia de Ylivieska y sus alrededores


project info / información del proyecto:

project / proyecto: competition / concurso

location / situación:                 Ylivieska, Finland / Finlandia

client / cliente:                         parish of Ylivieska / parroquia de Ylivieska

project site / superficie de parcela: 8.450 m2

total area / superficie del edificio: 1.800 m2



The competition brief asked for a new parish church to replace the former construction burned a few years ago. Based on these sensitive premises the new proposal maintains a continue dialogue with the remains, its location, dimensions and shape are influenced by the pre-existing construction.

The new plan replicates the form of a cross from the old church and keeps its dimensions and orientation, following the Christian tradition. The pitched roof is replaced with a flat ceiling, a series of concrete ribs and skylights, to introduce natural zenith lighting into the altar and pray room.

Praying and servicing area are clearly differentiated; the space to pray, meet and gather is defined in by the internal cross while all the services are organised around this central and clear space. The perimeter also acts as a filter, an intermediate space between interior and exterior, introducing a series of patios and gardens where the program can be extended outwards.

The structural elements are made in concrete, present in the party walls defining the internal cross and ceiling ribs, while cladding and internal finishes are made in timber with metal fittings.

The surrounding area is also treated to create a more flexible and versatile space. On the north, the landscape is kept almost untouched, to preserve the ruins. On the southern area a series of pedestrian paths and paved surfaces connect the site from east to west, and creates an exterior meeting area next to the church.