Shimrisham Housing (SW)

* 1st Prize  Int. Competition Europan 11

 1er Premio Concurso Internacional Europan 11


project info / información del proyecto:

competition / concurso:

Simrishamn. Europan Competition 2011

program / programa:                      housing and waterfront / vivienda y paseo marítimo

location / situación:                      Simrishamn municipality / ayuntamiento de Simrishamn

client / cliente: Simrishamn. Sweden / Suecia

status / estado: on hold / en espera



The proposal developed is a response to the special characteristics of the plot, adjacent to the sea and crossed by a stream with a serious risk of flooding part of the year. By modifying the original basin, new streams are created determining future constructions by eroding them. As a consequence wetland areas would appear in the urban development coexisting with wildlife and controlling the risk of overflow. New ways to live with water are proposed.

This aspect is transferred to the typologies. The housing volume is literally resting on the ground by extremities filled with program functions, able to connect the public space while providing shelter outside the home. The use of the outside space is extended, in an area characterized by an extreme climate, with small pavilions directly related to the garden. Creating more vivid interiors and a unique appearance at the urban level